Message from mountain2ocean



My name is Julia Hager, I am a freelance marine biologist
and I have a vision:

Our planet Mother Earth – healthy and thriving, respected and protected
by every single human being living on it.

All mankind, no matter how rich or poor, child or great-grandparent,
should love Mother Earth, respect nature, protect every living creature
from unicellular primary producers to blue whales.

Because our lives fully depend on a healthy, lively planet.

Where to start?

The climate crisis, habitat destruction, plastic pollution, ocean acidification,
overfishing, overhunting, overexploitation of other natural resources
and overpopulation are threatening our planet simultaneously.

All of these threats lead to biodiversity loss.

Biodiversity is key to our survival!

If we continue wiping out more of these wonderful species
that evolved over billions of years
there won’t be a bright future for humankind.

Planet Earth will survive and recover but we might not if we don’t come to our senses.

The Solution?

Fall in love with nature!

No matter if you’re an IT specialist, a road worker, a lawyer, a nurse,
a managing director, a politician, a researcher, a retiree or a student.

It’s very simple.

Go outside and take some time to observe, to enjoy, to relate to our unique, wonderful nature.

Take some more time to think about
where the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat
and the things we consume come from.

Your answer will always be: from nature.

So, just love nature.

Remind yourself of your love to nature
whenever you make a decision.
Always choose the most sustainable option.

For yourself, your family, your friends, for mankind, for animals and plants, for our planet.

Thank you.

Let’s create a global movement to collectively fall in love with our beautiful nature!

Please share and spread the word.


Feel free to share your ideas, questions, experiences with me:

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